Puppets: the best kept secret of Lyon’s traffic jams?

In the Lyon corks, a mystery hides behind each dish: the puppets. These little creatures hidden in the shadows of Lyon’s traditional restaurants play a central role in the atmosphere and animation of these emblematic places. Discover the best-kept secret of Lyon’s corks and immerse yourself in a fascinating world where gastronomy and puppets come together to offer a unique experience.

A little-known Lyonnais stopper, Les Marionnettes

In the world of Lyonnais corks, certain establishments are known to everyone, while others remain well-kept secrets. This is the case of Marionnettes, a small stopover located on rue François Génin, in the heart of the Point du Jour district in Lyon.

An intense gastronomic passion

The particularity of Les Marionnettes lies in the gastronomic passion that drives its owner, Dosithée Brevet. For him, it is not just a job, but a vocation. Since his apprenticeship years, he dreamed of owning his own restaurant where he could express his creativity and do as he pleased.
Dosithée cut his teeth in prestigious establishments, accumulating up to three professions to perfect his experience. He worked as an extra for Jean-Paul Lacombe, a renowned chef, and even spent five years in Switzerland to enrich his know-how.

The reward of a dream come true

After so much effort and sacrifice, Dosithée finally made his dream come true by becoming the owner of Les Marionnettes on June 8, 2021. He immediately liked this little stopper and he invested all his savings to make it his home. A slight renovation of the bar and a lick of paint were enough to give new life to this restaurant and become the only stopper in the area, or even the only restaurant altogether.

Authentic, homemade cuisine

Dosithée spares no effort to offer authentic, quality cuisine to its customers. He prepares all his sauces himself, makes his dumplings and offers four different dishes every day. Its menu highlights Lyon specialties such as lamb sweetbreads with snail butter flambéed with Burgundy marc, beef cheek braised with Beaujolaise and homemade chicken liver cake.

A friendly atmosphere on a human scale

Les Marionnettes also stands out for its warm and friendly atmosphere. With only around forty seats, including a few tables upstairs, the establishment offers an experience on a human scale. Dosithée himself is very present in the dining room and in the kitchen, sometimes even providing service alone.

An address to discover

If you are looking for the authenticity and charm of Lyon’s Bouchons, don’t forget to go to Les Marionnettes. This little-known establishment is the best-kept secret for connoisseurs of Lyon gastronomy. Prepare to enjoy a unique culinary experience in an intimate and friendly setting.

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